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My father always said "the right tool for the right job." He was right on the money with this one. Although he also said "Rock and Roll would never last". These are all tools in use at the Mothership, and they do Make Bus Life Easier .™

If you have any tools or other devices that you have found works it magic on your bus, send me an email and a little description (and product link) how it's helped you and I'll add it to the list.

Mango Mike

Original Cool Tools

First Stop check out the original Cool Tools. A blog written by Kevin Kelly the Co-Founder of Wired Magazine. I've found some very neat tools reviewed at his site.

Cool Tools Here

XDeck - Aluminum Work Platform

Lightweight at only 44 lbs and holds up to 2000 lbs. Perfect for working the upper sections of your bus - safely. Folds flat for storage and has wheels to move it around. Ten models available.

Photos, Details and Pricing Here

Surge Protector and Voltage Regulator

Your bus is filled with sensitive an extremely expensive electronics. Some coaches have built in surge protectors, but I believe most do not. Why take a chance when you can add this portable unit for under $400. (recommended by Dale - Roadrunner on POG).

Photos, Details and Pricing Here

Sticky Mats Remove Dirt & Grime

With these sticky mats the you no longer have to remove your shoes everytime you enter the bus. If you're feet are relatively clean just hit this mat prior to entering and you'll be contaminant free. About 50¢ per sheet. (recommended by Jack14r)

Photos, Details and Pricing Here.

Portable CO2 Tank

Tired of waiting for that pancake compressor to top off those tires? The Powertank will add 10 lbs of pressure to 22.5" wheel in 35 seconds - easily. Use it for you air tools also. (Recommended by Jerry Winchester).

Photos, Details and Pricing Here.

Digital Battery Load Tester

Allstart Battery Tester - BET30

Nick Hessler from Centurion Conversion Service had a seminar at POG IV displaying and explaining some great meters and tools to diagnose bus issues. This is one of the new digital battery testers, that unlike the old style, don't zap the hell out of your battery during the load test. $139 at Amazon

Purchase Here ••••••• All Start Website

Air Powered 20 Ton Bottle Jack

Tired of driving all the way to Tennessee to use Jon's Pit? This is the answer, an air powered 20 ton hydraulic jack. Needs about 115 lbs of compressor pressure to easily lift your bus. Will also work manually without air. As always use a 2nd jack and blocking in case of a jack failure when working under the bus. Available from Northern Tools for about $99 (can be found on sale for $79). (Recommended by Fast Roger).

Purchase Here

Torque Multiplier

Perfect tool for removing those cranked down lug nuts. Not a cheap tool, but unlike an air gun no compressor needed and small enough to carry in your Ace bay. TIA Products, which manufacture the X-12, now offer a $99 discount for POG members as of Jan. 2008. (Recommended by Jon)

Purchase Here ••••• More Pixs

Truck Wheel Dolly

Can't get your wife out of the kitchen to help you remove that wheel? This is the perfect tool and only $35. (recommended by Jon)

Purchase Here •••••• More Pixs

Rivet Gun

This is not your Home Depot variety rivet gun. Will handle any 3/16 rivet on your bus. part # 90239A5. Available from McMaster. (recommended by Harry) ••••• More Pixs & Use

World's Best Ratcheting Screwdriver

Not cheap at $25, but it's a Sears Craftsman with a lifetime warranty. Read the Review on Cool Tools. (recommended by Cool Tools)

Purchase Here ••••• Read the Review

Palm Size Electric Screwdriver

Great for tight spaces, plus the special Lithium-ion battery holds a charge for about 18 months so it's usually ready to go when you are. Not a lot of power so don't expect too much.

(recommended by Cool Tools)

Purchase Here or Home Depot •••••• Read the Review

Gaffers Tape

Works like Duct tape only better as it leaves no adhesive residue when removed. (recommended by Wayne at Barbizon Capitol)

Purchase Here •••••Read the Review ••••• See a Pix in Action

Custom Air Fitting Removal Tool

Created by Jon and Fast Roger, you need this tool to help you remove that air fitting on the top of the air bag. "The 13/16 wrench is what we used to make the few degrees of turn to loosen or tighten the front compression nuts. We used a die grinder with a 3" X 1/16 cutoff wheel to make the cut in the wrench. A hacksaw will not do it." Jon

Wireless Digital Thermometer

A great cheap way to monitor up to 4 areas of your bus wirelessly. Shows master inside temp and remote outside temp. Creates a history of high and low temps, letting you know how cold it got last night in the water bay. Unit comes with Master and one remote running on AAA batteries for only $29. MM

Home Depot. ••••• Premier Products

Stackable Clear Storage Containers

I need all athe organizational help I can get. I've got way too much STUFF and it was difficult to find the STUFF when I needed it. These small containers from Sterilite (model 1904) have been a lifesaver. Home Depot had them on sale last year for $1.47 each and I bought a 100. I've got them in the restaurant, the garage, the office and the bus storing everything from bank statements to relays. 7qt in size they measure 13 x 8 x 6. If not on sale you can usually find them at Walmart for about $2.50 each. MM More pixs here.

Bling Winning Metal Polish

I have yet to try this magic wax, but Fast Roger winner of the Bling Award at POGII swears by it. Check out the pictures for more proof how well this polish works.

Purchase Here ••••• Pixs of Bling Magic

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