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How do you win a Prevo Bling contest. Well you need a high powered wax and a lot of elbow grease. This is Fast Rogers secret sauce in his recipe for the championship.

Photos here of the Bling Contest

Jon's engine, complete with Kleig lights for max. illumination.
From the Metalwax Website

Metalwax: Applications for large RV's with stainless steel, decals and paint for exterior covering.

You would use Metalwax for the stainless steel and aluminum, Top wax for the paint. Metalwax with its fluoride cleaner will remove all stains and dull look caused from soap and dirt sticking to the skin. Use the green cleaner to remove all the dirt and soap compounds from below the surface instantly, no rubbing required. Next, apply the wax right over the cleaner. The yellow wax is very smooth and so slick you can cover large surfaces very quickly.Best Product For Stainless Steel Skins.

Metalwax is the only product you can use on stainless steel skins without scratching it. Stainless steel is made of nickel and steel, a very hard metal. Once the skin is manufactured that's it. There is no re grinding or buffing the surface, it won't work, no matter what anyone tells you. All you can do is clean it and seal it. This is what Metalwax does. It will refresh your stainless steel the right way, with lasting results. You will need 2 Metalwax sets to cover a 40 foot motor home with aluminum wheels.

Topwax: This multi functional product is for all glass, painted and decal surfaces.

It does not contain silicone. Silicone will not adhere itself to the surface, it shines for a short while then it is gone, along with your labor.

We use real wax with paint conditioners that deep clean your painted and decal surface. The wax sets into the surface to seal and bond for a lasting shine. Topwax removes that chalk fade that fiberglass surfaces produce from repeated washing, sun and weather exposure. Topwax is excellent on painted fiberglass and gel coat finishes. Extremely long lasting even in bad weather conditions. Very even shine with no swirls or streaking.

No other product on the market today is as functional to use as Topwax. Easy on ,easy off no sticking even on bad surfaces.

For a 45 foot motor home you would need two 32 oz.containers of topwax for complete coverage including all your glass.

The point about Metalwax & Topwax products is their durability. It is important, if you are a "do it yourself person", your labor is important. Motor homes are big, lots of labor involved. Once you have invested the labor, you want it to last. This is what our products are all about!

Since we personally do professional exterior detailing on all types of motor homes, we know a lot about it. If you need information on how to do it yourself e mail us will provide you with the information and labor saving tricks which make your job a lot easier.

Large motor homes are a big investment. You can easily protect your investment with Metal Wax and Top Wax.

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