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Portable C02 - The PowerTank


Model: RVPT15 - Gold Package (15# Tank)


Measurements: 15# Tank 30" tall - (10# Tank is 24" tall)

Cost: $539 plus $40 for upgraded regulator

I purchased this unit directly from Powertank in Lodi, California. Steve at: 209 366-2163

The little pankcake compressor I had in the bus barn just couldn't push enough air for the 125 psi required in the front tires of the H3. Thanks to a recommendation by Jerry Winchester of POG, this is the answer.

This unit will just fit in the H3 bay. You have a choice of getting a travel bag or a bracket when you purchase the kit. (I didn't use their bracket in photo to left). If you don't have the H3 height, get the bag and store it on it's side, it's safe. Make sure it's secured as it weighs about 37lbs.

Athough similair, this is not a SCUBA tank and you cannot use a SCUBA tank with their regulators. See FAQ's.\

I had the local Fire Extinquisher shop add CO2 to the bottle. They measure by the pounds, so they need to weigh the empty bottle first then add 15lbs. Cost about $18 to fill. A welding supply shop could probably fill it also.

This is the $40 optional regulator which will push up to 200psi. I feel you need to make this jump from the standard 160psi regulator that comes with the unit.

You can add 10psi to a 22.5" tire in 35 seconds with this unit.

If you have Equal in your tires and you use a standard tire pressure gauge to do your pre trip check, sometimes the Equal lodges in the valve, keeping the Schrader valve open. Using this tank to check pressure you can both top off and force any of that pesky Equal back into the tire.

Yes, you can run your air power tools with it.
Ergonomic handle is balanced well and makes it easy to carry the 37# tank. Plus it adds protection to the regulator in the event you knock it over.

Note: To guard against damaging regulator, turn off gas and bleed regulator before reducing pressure. You can increase pressure without any worry.

Gauges are large and easy to read. Hoses from bottle are inner braid and rated at 1,100 psi.
This gauge equipped valve lets you fill the tires and check the pressure at the same time. Very cool.
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