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XDeck Stair Platform

Jerry Winchester and I saw this on display at the Oshkosh Air Show 2008 and immediately ordered one each. A great stable platform that allows you to work on the upper areas of your bus easily and safely. Safe Tec Platforms, the makers of Xdeck have about ten models to choose from. We ordered the 4 step, 14" width deck model. With this model I can just reach the top of my H3-45.

This model only weighs 33 lbs, but yet can support 2000 lbs.

Safe Tec Platforms Website

4 Step, 14" Wide Model. About $550.

SafeTec Platforms
547 Spencer Mattingly Lane

PO Box 129
Bardstown, KY 40004

Phone: 502-331-9759
Fax: 502-331-9176

Actual deck size with this model is 13 1/2" x 55". You can get them as wide as 36". The deck is non slip thanks to the molding.

Deck height on this model, fully extended, is 51 1/2".

You can get an optional 8' or 10' connecting boards that allow you to traverse two Xdecks. These are available in the 12" or 18" widths.

The unit will store flat until needed. Then it has 5 height settings and can adjust from the highest setting of 4'4"" in 7" increments to the lowest setting of 24".

A spring, beneath the deck, aids in extending the deck to any height with almost one finger.

When you reach the correct height, just install the round rod and safety pin.

Sturdy steps makes it easy to reach the deck area.
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