I decided to change my side lights on the XL1, '97 Liberty with new LED's (12v). I tried two different fixtures. One from Prevost, a 6 LED model and one from International Bus Parts, a 8 LED model. I finally installed the IBP fixture. Here are the comparisons on the next two pages. For not a lot of money and about three hours of work, give your bus a nice new look at night. Any questions -
International Bus Parts (IBP) vs. Prevost original equipment.
IBP features 8 LED's - all facing sideways. Note the male connector on the LED, which you'll have to cut off. Remember LED's are polarity sensitive, make sure you ground the white wire, using one of the inner screws from the existing fixture.

There is a difference between the inner screws, which I believe are galvanized and the outer screws which are stainless.

Although not easily seen here the LED's and circuit board is coated in some sort of acrylic on both sides making the unit completely waterproof. Which is needed because the fixture does not fit tight against the side of the bus due to the ridges in the stainless. I used some silicone to fill the wire hole back into the bus to keep out moisture.
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