The IBP fixture mounted and lit.
Prevost Issued LED
The Prevost LED fixture has a different design. Using 6 LED's, 2 forward, 2 rear and 2 facing sideways. I think it gives a little better coverage from the rear with the two rear facing LED's. However the IBP LED is much brighter from the side with it's 8 LED's blasting away

As a side note I just liked the lens color of the IBP a little better than the Prevost unit.
With the Prevost fixture, you'll need to also purchase a wiring harness as the male connector which will only fit the harness, is incorporated into the fixture.

IBP 800.468.5287

$14.00 12v fixture

IBP can now obtain this fixure in 24v (5.2006)

Prevost Parts 800.621.5519

$17.96 Part # 930401 - fixture

$26.48 Part # 064990 - Wiring Harness

or build your own harness by just ordering the Female Connector and Grommet..

$7.45 Part # 562155 Female Connector

$1.89 Part # 473832 Grommet

Note the Prevost fixture has a white band around the base, whereas the IBP is the same color as the lens.