S.S. Panel Repair

How to fix and replace. November 2006


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Winner of the First Annual Wide Turn Award
Leaving a Jimmy Buffet Concert the second week I had the bus I "encountered" a large boulder in the parking lot. Doing the following damage to the bottom stainless steel panel.

On the second bay door, this panel is 60 1/4" long and can be purchased from International Bus Parts 800 468-5287 for $155.

Tools & Supplies

Rivet Tool • www.McMaster.com • part # 90239A51 • $96 • (Thanks to Harry (Win42) at POG for this tool suggestion and help.)

Rivets • Prevost Parts 800 621-5519 • 3/16 stainless steel • part # 504272 • $1.59 each.

Stainless Steel Panel • International Bus Parts • 800 468-5287 • $155

Square head screw driver • 9/16 socket •ª 3/16 & 1/8"drill bit • 1/8" ss rivets (4) • small rivet tool

Note: Although encouraged to do so, do not buy your rivets from IBP as they only offer a 1/4" rivet which is known as a "monobolt". Although very impressive looking, it takes a special "monobolt" tool to install which is very expensive ($500+)

Cut the Wires

Cut the wires leading into the door about halfway on the loop. You can just add wire connectors to rejoin when finished.

Remove Bay Door

This job is a lot easier if you remove the bay door. You'll need a helper as it's a little on the heavy side.

Remove the pins on the brackets on both sides of the door. Remove the bolt on the lower bracket (one side only).

Remove bolted bottom bracket first. Careful as the door will now swing towards the bus. While both persons are holding the door, simply slightly spread the two brackes and remove the door.

Remove Carpet Panel

You'll need a square head screwdriver to remove the screws around the perimeter of the panel.

The hole where the wires access will be your guide when replacing the panel so the screw holes line up properly.

Removing the Rub Rail

Using a 9/16" socket just remove the four bolts holding the rub rail in place. Mark the back of the rub rail so you know which side is up when you reinstall.

Good time to put a little spray lubricant on the door lock mechanism.

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