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POG Rally #1

April 2006


Mango Mike here at my first POG rally. In fact my first ever Rally so comparisons (except for some Boy Scout outings and trips to Jimmy Buffet) are not available for comment. Mrs. Mango and I traveled from Alexandria, Va to Polk City, Fl (880 miles) But not as far as some of those Texan folks.

The next few pages are a snap shot of the week at the first Rally. We had to digitally destroy some pixs to protect the innocent (or guilty) depending on your perspective.

POG or BUST - regardless of diesel prices.
Well known Photoshop Author and single guy Ben was missing. The group was asking ?
Pool and lake so close you could just roll out of the bus and take a dip. Watch for the Crocks.
Jeez. Not in the park 15 minutes and Jerry & Jon were already tackling a project.
Lew and Jeff discussing either the mural or Jeff's hat - not exactly sure which.
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Ben finally posted, wearing a tie. A punishable offense. Mike got to use it to polish some wheel holes.