POG Rally #1

April 2006

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Support Team

Part of the appeal of POG is it's lack of noticable structure. No Board of Directors or President, just a bunch of bus owners (and soon to be bus owners) who like discussing and learning more about their Prevost. However a Rally like this one doesn't just happen, I know, this is what I do for a living. There's plenty of behind the scenes organization that needs to take place to make the event seem "off the cuff". Jeffrey Raymond, and his wife Helen along with Jim Skiff did a terrific job in making this event run smoothly. From arranging for the converters to be on site, coordinating the campground, providing meals and entertainment, etc. etc. No details in making sure everyone had a great "non structured" time were overlooked. Thanks to them.

The brain trust at work.
Helen getting everyone fired up on the first night.
The A Team -- taking the dance floor.
Nelson Fiqueroa, wife and staff made a great presentation with a brand new Millennium H3-45. Plus his participation with the roundtable discussion was greatly appreciated.
Dave Wall from Liberty Coach (right, having dinner with Fast Roger) brought a beautiful H3-45 to the Rally and participated in a two hour roundtable discussion.
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Although I don't have a single photo of Jim Skiff I certainly want to thank him for letting me use some of his pixs from Prevost-stuff.com.