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Replacing a valve


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Pinch Test

I found my leak by pinching the the red caps at the top of the valve. There a two small bleed holes in these red caps and one was constantly leaking small amounts of air when they weren't activated. Listen closely while pinching and you can hear the air. When switched from the main panel they will spew out air as they are being turned on and off. I was able to reach my hand thru the drivers window and play with the level switches in the Manual Mode to feel the air being expelled.

In a later post I'll outline which Norgren each Manifold Valve controls - for your viewing pleasure.

I have no idea if this is a common failure, or if I was just lucky. ;)

Removing Valve

Clip a couple of the zip ties to make removal of the coil easier.

The top black piece is the coil. Simply remove the clip and slip off the coil, it slides off the valve shaft easily. If you look closely at the one removed in the bottom right corner of the pix you'll see this new one I installed says 24v. This came back to haunt me few days later when I wasn't able to manually raise or lower the front. It took my three hours of trouble shooting to finally discover that this new coil, for my bus, needs to be 12v. If you replace the coil make sure it's the right voltage for your bus, because I guarantee you the 24v will not work in a 12v bus.

You need a T-10 Tork driver bit to remove the valve. Only unscrew the 2 black screws. The silver ones hold the valve together.

Remove slowly as there will be air in this manifold which you'll need to bleed off before removing valve. Make sure you turn off the Aux. compressor and the engine is not running.

I found it easier to get at the bad valve if I removed the coil from it's good neighbor.
Install New Valve

This arrives kit form from Prevost parts 800 621-5519 part # 641928 $34.47.

Add the two "O" rings before installing.

Next Page shows the coil replacement.

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