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Coil Replacement

I mistakenly replaced the coil first thinking this would solve my leak problem. It was working fine and at the correct voltage! If you're in MANUAL mode and you rock the up/down switches back and forth and hear no air moving (assuming you have air in the tanks) my guess is that one of the coils is bad. Or, as happened to one of our Michigan friends, there was water in the air system and corrosion caused the spool valves to stick.

I have no idea about the failure rate of these electric coils. They're easily removed with one phillips head screw at the top of the electical connector. It probably wouldn't hurt to carry one in your Ace Bay just in case. Only $29. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK FOR CORRECT VOLTAGE

Part # 641929 (24v)

Part# _______ (12v)

Bus are leaks are like the fishes and loaves, they just keep on coming. So the more we know how our air suspension system works the better off we are in tackling this issue.


Please email me if you read in inaccuracies in this post, or a way that the procedure could be performed better/easier. We're all still learning. Thanks. mike@mangomikes.com

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