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Hub Seal Replacement

Front Axle

2000 H3-45

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If you have the spider streaks along the wheels good chance it's the hub seal. Referred to Prevost as the Hub Oil Cap. This is an easy fix.

• Prevost Part # 611250 $63.84 *

• Use 85W - !40W Gear Oil

* I found same part in local truck parts depot for $35.

Before you remove the hubcap bracket, which is mounted with the three extension bolts, mark which holes are used. If you're off one hole then the hubcap will not cover the wheel nuts properly.
After removing the bracket for the hubcap unscrew the oil plug on the side of the casing and drain the gear oil.

On the '97 Liberty we just pulled off a red rubber cap and poured the gear oil right in.
Cap off. Remove old gasket and clean surface.
Cap off. Now we'll try to find where the leak was coming from.
The "O" ring or gasket between the plastic viewer piece and the metal cup has been severed.
Removing the plastic viewer piece we also found a notch in the plastic. Possibly adding to the leakage.
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