Hub Seal Replacement - Front Axle

2000 H3-45

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Place a little Black Permatex on the metal before adding the gasket and cap.
Replace bolts and lock washers. Tighten firmly but don't kill it as you don't want to ruin that nice new gasket and squeeze out all the Permatex. The lock washers will keep the unit from falling off.

Add the 85W - 140W Gear Oil to the upper line. Let sit for about 5 minutes and recheck. During this time the oil will work it's way into the axle and you'll have to add some more. After the test drive, recheck the level again.

The right amount of Gear Oil is critical. Too little or too much will cause you problems. A strong flashlight will help you determine the level.

An easy one hour project that doesn't require you to jack up the bus or remove a wheel.

Happy Motoring.


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