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Rear Airbags

The dynamic Bling Duo of Jon and Fast Roger tackled all the bags on their busses. This is a HOW TO: on the rears.

The following are Jon's comments on the procedure.

When going under the bus or between pinch points I do not rely on a single jack. I always have two means of support. Roger used a stack of wood blocks in addition to the jack, and I used two jacks per body lift point.

The Right Tool...

The wrench is what we used to make the few degrees of turn to loosen or tighten the front compression nuts. We used a die grinder with a 3" X 1/16 cutoff wheel to make the cut in the wrench. A hacksaw will not do it.

The picture of the rear with the tag tire removed shows two air bags accessible side by side. The tag axle air bag supply line can be removed from the outside, but the rear drive axle air supply line has to be removed from the inside, the others can be removed from the outside.
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