Replacing Blower Motor on heat coil inside bus under dash.

Manufactured by Red Dot, Inc., you have to purchase parts from an authorized distributor like Thermo King in Roanoke, Va. 540.343.1538.

Part # RD 5-4550-0 (12v)

Part # RD 5-4550-24 (24v)

$48.63 plus shipping

1. Start by removing the front panel on the dash. The heater unit sits on top of a duct unit and is freed by removing two bolts in the top of the duct into the blower unit. Now's a good time to clean the filter in the bottom of the duct.
2. The coolant hoses are connected at two points on the blower, use 7/8" wrench. Luckily the hoses are high enough above the engine so there was no coolant leak (although to be safe I did lay down plastic).

This unit cannot be removed without disconnecting these hoses.

Now you can slide unit out and disconnect the two quick electric connectors on top of unit.

There will be some coolant inside the coil so show caution.

3. Only four screws hold the motor and blower wheel to the unit.
4. You do need a long handled 1/8" hex wrench to loosen the set screw to remove the motor.

5. Just remove the two bolts to release the motor from the frame.

Reverse steps and reinstall.

Have fun.



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