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Hooking Up

It's easier to attach the air lines first before mounting valve on bus bracket. When attaching the fittings DO NOT use teflon tape or pipe sealing compound. Haldex recommends a drop of oil or threadlocker.

It's also easier to install the middle hose first.

Rebolt the new valve to the bus bracket.

Before you re bolt the STEM to the valve handle it's a good time to test the valve and fittings for leaks.

At this point I started up the engine and re-aired the system. After I had pressure, I removed the blocks and bottle jacks.

At this point you should not be under the bus.

Moving the handle on the new valve, with the delay in mind, you should hear air movement. Either exhaust or input to bag.

Get out your trusty soapy spray bottle and blast the valve and fittings and check for leaks.

If everything is Ok, re connect the STEM to the valve handle.

I would manually drop the bus, then switch to ROAD to see if you attain the correct height - you did write down the measurement before you started?

Now, maybe I was just lucky, but I had the same height and didn't have to do any adjustements. If you're not so lucky you need to go to PLAN B and read the directions on adjusting to the correct height, as I was done at this point. If you would like to share your experience in the next phase I would be glad to post the results here.

.Directions Here!



Here you can see the stem as it travels from the bottom of the air bag to the handle on the new Ride Height Valve.

On Jon's bus you wouldn't be subject to an unpainted bracket.

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Comments from POG'rs

Joe, removing the wheels makes access a lot easier, but with the coach all the way up on the air bags (and securely blocked) it is possible to do the replacement with the wheels on.


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