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Install a Bus Washing System


One of the main reaccuring maintenance items we do on our coaches is giving them a good washing. I installed a pressure (power) washer in some free space in the engine compartment of my 2000 H3-45 Marathon.
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Surprisingly this was empty space with only mesh metal in the opening. I purchased a piece of diamond plate and cut to shape to mount the washing hardware. Buy it Here.
The power washer was purchased from Power Source Industries (PSI), as recommended by another POGger. (1 800 463-9274). I didn't want to pressure wash the paint off the bus, so this unit is only 1,000 psi, 3.5 GPM pump. Keeping the wand about 1 to 2' away from the bus with a fan spray is very easy on the paint. At 1.5hp it doesn't draw a lot of amps. Buy it Here.

Update: Contact Rick Stevens (PSI) 800 463-9274 for the pump. Here's his quote: 6.3.2010

1.5 hp 115v electric motor, GFCI cord, heavy duty serviceable, oil bathed pump, deluxe spray gun w/ insulated lance, adjustable pump pressure, pump thermal relief protection, chemical injection, 4 spray nozzles, & 50' mark resisting 4000 psi rated blue/gray hose, w/ no cart-$875. assembled plus shipping cost.

I didn't want to have to deal with a high pressure hose so I purchased this hose reel from Reelcraft. Obviously at 1,000 psi you can't use just any hose reel, so it's important you purchase one made for a pressure washer. Model 7600 OMP will handle up to 3,000 psi. The standard hose length is 50', which is what this reel is desined to hold. However you need 60' to properly get around the bus. Just have the folks at PSI fabricate a 10' section to add to your standard 50'. It will just barely fit on this reel. You can purchase the reel at this site. Here. $277 (2010)
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