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POG Rally #1

April 2006

The Good

The Bad

And the Webasto...

I tried to compete with Jon on my Webasto Seminar. But he was a tough act to follow.

Details Here.

The Webasto seminar continues as JDUB's fan motor fails. With the professional helpof Lester from Ken Robertson RV Center Jerry was back up and running in no time.
Lester (on loan from Ken Robertson, RV) working his magic.
First Annual "Anal" Award

That's the trouble with POG - too much Pomp.

Bus Jon was awarded the Silver Toilet Brush as the first honoree for the I'm "Anal" about my bus award.

Some examples of Jon's Analness

Polished Webasto Pipes

Engine Painted to Match Exterior Coach Color

Personal Garage Pit

Friend of JDUB's

Congratulations Jon!

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