POG Rally #2

Sante Fe • October 2006

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Bling Award

If the same effort was expended in research, as was in the bling contest, we would've cured cancer. Months ago it was decided that a 85 year old woman would view all the Prevo's and then claim a winner by uttering "Wow, nice Bus".

Next page announces the 2006 bling winner.

JDUB trying to work his magic with judge Mildred. Rumors of him trying to buy her vote are greatly exaggerated.
I didn't get very far as Mildred's only comment was, "what the hell is a Mothership?" Bummer.
This was just a little insane. 650 watch batteries, hand taped with gaffers tape to 650 LED lights, then hand taped again to the side of the DUB TUB.
The dedicated "LED Attachment Team"
LED madness
Viewing the finished product was definetly worth all the time and effort. What you don't see here is Jdub painting the letters POG with a white LED during a 6 second time exposure.
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