Light Removal


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Removing Curb Lights

Most of you Prevo guys know how to do this, but there maybe a first timer out there and it never hurts to explore the basics.

Remove Stainless Trim Screws

If these two screws haven't been removed in a number of years, like mine were, then you might have a problem. Although the screws are stainless the housing is, I believe, cast aluminum so there could be locking. I finally had to drill the heads off mine, remove the housing and use a pair of vice grips to remove the remainder of the screw from the housing. Hopefully you won't have this issue.

Loosen Housing Screws

After the trim piece is removed then, if the wires don't have a connector like the blue ones in the photo, I would cut the wires and add the quick connects so that it's easy to remove the fixture in the future. If you put FEMALE connectors on the bus ends of the wire you are able to feed these two wires, one at a time, thru the hole in the back of the housing. Disconnect the light.

Loosen the two large screws in the back of the housing about a 1/4" to 1/2". Do NOT remove these screws.

Remove Fixture

With the screws in the back of the housing loose, slide the fixture down the side of the bus about 3/4" of an inch and you'll see the thin back plate that holds the fixture against the inside of the stainless panel. Slide the back plate out thru the hole. If it's a little tight you can loosen those screws a few more turns.

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