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How to Set Up Your System

You're on the bus. You have the wife and kids who all want to be online - together. You have only one Air Card (EV-DO). This is the answer. Multiple users in a WIFI environment for only the cost of one EV-DO card, and the KR 1 Mobile Router. (Wifi)
There are a number of Air Cards available. One that is highly recommended is the Kyocera KPC 650 card.
Card Kyocera KPC 650
KR1 Mobile Router (WiFi)

The KR1 Mobile Router allows you to create a wireless broadband network virtually anywhere. It uses 1xEV-DO as its WAN backhaul and functions like an access point supporting multiple computers and devices with high-speed wireless data services. All you need is a 1xEV-DO card or phone. The KR1 Mobile Router is especially useful for mobile work groups such as realtors, dispatch teams, consultants, road-warrior sales groups, satellite offices, command posts and more. It can also be used as a reliable alternative for fixed broadband services in your home

KR 1 Mobile Router (wifi)
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Where to Buy


I recommend this group as they are great at support. If you haven't purchased the EV-DO card yet, then you should do so through them. They will initialize both the card and the KR 1 so when it arrives all you do is plug and go.

Buy from this group. Read their sales info here.
Back of KR 1

Four ethernet ports are available so that if you laptops aren't equipped with WiFi cards you can plug Ethernet cables directly into the KR 1.

Speed Test

Thanks to Ben there's a great site where you can test the download and upload speed of your system while accessing the internet.


This test was performed in the bus in the Norhtern Va. area using the KR 1 Mobile Router.
This test was run at my house using a cable modem on Comcast in Alexandria, Va. About 4x faster than the KR 1.
Final Note

The KR1 comes with both a 12v cigarette adapter and a 115v plug, so you can either use it in car, boat, bus or home. It's not as fast as cable modem, but it does beat dial up. If you're getting ready to buy a new laptop they are starting to use Express Cards instead of the traditional EV-DO card. More Information here on that change.

This is also the answer for computers that don't have the PC slot (PCMCIA) like the smaller Mac laptops.


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