Temporary Fuel Pump


While dry camping in ALB at the ballloon festival wih JDUB, AP and Truk4u, my generator fuel pump failed. Kohler was unable to get me the fuel pump for the Yanmar engine for a couple of days so one of the brains suggested a cheap 12v fuel pump. So off we go tlo Autozone and $25 later we had ourselves a new pump. Probably not a bad idea to keep one on hand as a spare Kohler pump is $375. Below is the temporary installation in case your in similar circumstances.

I love putting all those white arrows in my pixs.
Follow hose (A) from the backflow preventer down to the fuel pump. You'll probably have to cut the hose as it's on the prong pretty good. (Which is why you need extra 5/16" fuel line when the new pump arrives as there's no extra slack in this line.)

To keep the fuel from leaking out due to gravity, place the end up high for the time being.

This cut end of the hose will attach to the "IN" side of your temporary fuel pump.

When installing this in the rain it's best not having your "friend" holding the umbrella, letting ice cold rain water run down your plumber back. Unfortunately no pixs available to document this ugly scene.

Remove hose (B) from the fuel filter and plug, place aside. This hose will still be attached to the old pump. Attach a new 1/4" hose to the "OUT" side of your temporary pump.

Remove the power connectors from your old pump and connect to the temporary pump. Before you connect the "OUT" tube to the filter, now is good time to make sure everything works. Crank the generator a couple of times and you should have fuel spewing from the "OUT" side.

If you have fuel, connect the hose to the filter and secure.

Secure temporary pump to the generator with zip ties and run for a while - checking very closely for any fuel leaks before closing bay door.

Parts Needed

• 12v (24v) Fuel Pump

• 5/16" Male fitting for temp pump

• 1/4" fuel hose for temp pump

• 5/16" fuel hose for the new pump

• s.s. hose clamps

• Wire connectors


New Fuel Pump

Kohler Yanmar Engine 12v

Part # 252775 $375

Quick note when re-installing the new pump the "banjo" fuel line fittings use a copper washer. These expensive little washers are easily damaged and even the slightest imperfection will allow them to leak. Keep extras.

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