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Replacing Switch Lights

I try to tackle all the easy maintenance jobs on the bus, leaving the complicated ones to Jon and the rest of the POG brains.

Replacement light from Prevost Parts 800 621-5519 part # 562336 $.84 each

Note: There are 12v & 24v coaches, so eheck your voltage before ordering.

Remove Panel

Remove the 8 screws that hold the panel to the dash.

There are little tabs that secure the switch to the bottom of panel. Simply depress and lift out.

There are two electrical hookups in the bottom of the switch. The large one unhooks by just releasing the little white tab. The other smaller connection is for the light.
Remove Light Base

Not being real quick it took me while to figure out how to remove the light base without breaking the switch. Actually it turned out to be very easy. Just use a point tool and press down on the small tab and push towards the bottom of the switch. The lamp pops right out.

Replacing Bulb

Like a Christmas light it just pulls out and replace with your new one from Prevo.

Keep it bright - Mike

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