Be an Replace an Air Bag

How to Replace one of Yours

Instructions for a 45' XL1 - 1997 Serial #5855 "T"


Detecting those Leaks

I found this leak during one of my routine leak spray functions. Front passenger air bag. So I figured how hard could this be. After much support/discussion with head POGer Jon W. I decided to forge ahead.

Info Recap

Parts Needed

Prevost Parts 800 621-5519

Airbag Part # 630259 $142

Note: There are a number of different airbags available depending on your year and model, plus I believe the rears are different from the front. Verify the part number with Prevost when ordering.

Special Tools Needed

X-12 Torque Multiplier $619

Truck Wheel Dolly $39

2 - 20 ton bottle jacks

1 - 12 ton bottle jack

21 or 22 mm open end wrench

3/4" wrench & crescent wrench

Torque Wrench

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Raise the Bus

In MAN mode raise the bus to max height, this will make it easier to remove the bag. After raising, jacking and wheel removing we're going to deflate the air in the front air bag to remove.

Removing The Wheel

The lug nuts on the Prevo wheels have to be torqued down to 550 ft lbs. Now if the guy in the tire shop used an air gun good chance they are torgued down even greater than that. So you're going to need either a heavy duty air gun capable of generating at least a 1000 lbs of torgue or this handy tool. Again I have to give Jon W. credit for turning me on to these cool tools. Although the Torque Multiplier is the X-12 model according to the directions you only multiply times a factor of x10 to get the desired torque - must be a marketing issue.

Place the jacks first and before lifting the frame I would just slighty loosen the lug nuts, then raise the bus. Don't make the Rookie Mistake™ I made as the lug nuts on the drivers side are reversed. No LEFTY LOOSEY here.

Lifting the Frame

Pay attention here as there is a lot of weight at stake.

Another Rookie Mistake™, which could have been dangerous, as I read the Prevost Manual on the placement of Jack Points on my bus the manual clearly stated, complete with detailed graphics, of the jack under the front axle. Which I suppose is fine if you're changing the tire, however DO NOT DO THIS if you're going to change an airbag. You must jack the frame and not the axle. As once the airbag is removed or deflated the axle will not offer any support to the bus frame.

I used three bottle jacks to support the front end although you only need at least two. One is forward of the wheel arch (about 20" aft of the towing eyehook) is aft of the axle under the rear vertical part of the frame structure.

I added some wood blocking as backup in case of a bottle jack failure.

Front of wheel well.
Rear of Wheel Well

I used two bottle jacks rear of the front wheel. the orange one on the stablizer bar and the red one on the actual jack point. The red one is the critical one.

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